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After a successful first run last year,  “The Geek Show” is back!

Conceived by producers Thomas Paras and Marc Abrigo, “The Geek Show” is both a love letter and a critique on contemporary geek culture. From comedy sketches to dramatic pieces, the multi-genre theatre production brings together the passionate, the ostracized, and the awkward in celebration of everything under the umbrella of geekdom.

This upcoming iteration of “The Geek Show” will be a little different, for all the stories presented will be set entirely within a convention. The roof is ripped off of a convention center, as interconnected stories emerge from this one day at the geek fest that is BindleCon. From the story of a first-time con-goer, to a showdown of seasoned geek parents, and the exciting life as a rover a la “Law and Order,” expect for ground of a different kind to be covered, all the while staying true to exploring the life and journey of geeks everywhere.

The Geek Show 2: BindleCon will be having its nine-performance run at Bindlestiff Studio from April 12th-28th.

April 12-28, Thurs-Sat, 8pm
April 12 - Community Preview Pay-What-You-Can
April 13 - Opening Night Reception

Bindlestiff Studio
185 Sixth St.
San Francisco, CA 94103

$15 - Student/Senior/Padawan
$20 - General
$25 - Support the Artist

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Photography by Paciano Triunfo