The Geek Show 2017 Poster (click to view)

The Geek Show

"THE GEEK SHOW!" - APRIL 20-29, 2017
8:00PM - Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays

Bindlestiff Studio, 185 6th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

TICKETS: $10-$25


"The Geek Show" is a dynamic theater experience featuring sketch comedy, scripted drama, monologues, movement, and film to celebrate and satirize the phenomenon of "geek culture." It's designed to unite fangirls and fanboys from all geekdoms, alike, and shed light on some of the community's bigger problems from both outside and within.

This is the inaugural edition of "The Geek Show," produced by Thomas Paras, Marc Abrigo, Michelle Fajardo, and Lauren Lola. All material for this show has been written and performed by the Geek Show troupe -- a diverse collection of seasoned and up-and-coming artists -- ready to geek out with Bindlestiff and the SoMa Pilipinas community of San Francisco.

The Geek Show Troupe: Marc Abrigo, Vasago Antonio, Tim Berteaux, Sasha Cardinale-Weinberg, Giancarlo Cariola, Joe Cascasan, Nicolette Dionisio, Raisa Donato, Lauren Lola, Ed Mabasa, Michelle Marquette, Russelle Mcdermott, Stephen “Steph” Minor, Jamie Nallas, Thomas Paras, Gerardo Paz, Gabby Rosetti, Golda Sargento, Jun Shena, Mike Wong, Isabelle Whitworth, and Dominique Wright-George


Act One:
Tito Boy: Dungeon Master (Pt. 1) - Written by Marc Abrigo
Geekdom Break-up (Pt. 1) - Written by The Geek Show troupe
Cause Effect - Written by Thomas Paras
Resident Evil w/ Lolo - Written by Thomas Paras
Tribe Wars - Written by Marc Abrigo
Geekdom Break-up (Pt. 2) - Written by The Geek Show troupe
Distinguished Competition - Written by Marc Abrigo
Fractals - Written by Lauren Lola
Is There A Doctor? - Written by The Geek Show troupe


Act Two:
She’s Strong With The Force - Written by Lauren Lola, Edited by Jorge Granera
The Last Refuge - Written by Ed Mabasa, Directed by Joe Cascasan
Spoiler Alert - Written by Marc Abrigo
The Cardboard Knight - Choreographed by the Geek Show Troupe & Clare Morales
Cockblock - Written by The Geek Show troupe, Directed by Golda Sargento
Geekdom Break-up - Written by The Geek Show troupe
You’ve Got (Chain)Mail - Written by Tim Berteaux
Tom Brady Is My Waifu - Written by Marc Abrigo
Tito Boy: Dungeon Master - Written by Marc Abrigo