The Love Edition 2014: Love Bytes - Media Kit

The Love Edition 2014: Love Bytes

The Love Edition returns to Bindlestiff Studio with new original pieces about love, heartache, and the weirdness in-between. Stories come to life as audience members find themselves part of an interactive theater experience where projected media and social media collide to create a new level of theatrical immersion.

Watch 6 different stories ranging from the hilarious to the heartfelt written by playwrights from around the country, all directed and performed by amazing local artists!

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Photographs by Nina De Torres Ignacio.
Photograph from LANGUAGE LESSON (Photo 11 - IMG_0394.JPG) is by Margaret Guzman.

Plays Featured:
Best Laid Plans by Neil Haven
Directed by Rhoda Gravador
A romantic cabin, a fireplace and a bear skin rug. What could ruin Scooter and Feliciana’s perfect night? Oh....Time Travel.

Counting On Love by Rod McFadden
Directed by Michael Dorado
Where does true love start? In the head, or in the heart?
At the end a perfect blind date, Vincent tries to win Sophia's heart, but will his romantic sensibilities triumph over her logic and love of mathematics?

Dating Beebop by John Raposas
Directed by Werner Goff
When a "Dragon Ball Z" fanatic ends up on a date with the girl of his dreams, a internet search uncovers some revealing behavior. Can his cousin and her girlfriend help save the day? Explore the complicated world of social media and first time love.

Instant Harmony by Joe Starzyk
Directed by Allan Manalo
What happens when terminal loneliness collides with the cyber age?
Find out as one man's follies with internet dating are examined as he tries to achieve Instant Harmony

Language Lessons by Celena Cipriaso
Directed by Margaret Guzman
Haunted by what became of her high school love, Lara embarks down a maze of google search results and finds herself re-examining their love affair and why it's so hard to let go.

Strong Man by Vincent Jerricho
Directed by Alan Quismorio
After about a month of dating, Eric and David discover that certain things in their budding relationship cannot be taken for granted.

When: Feb 6-22 at 8pm
Location: Bindlestiff Studio 185 6th St. San Francisco, CA
Tickets: $10 - $20; $65 for Group of Five
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