Media Kit - The Geek Show

Media Kit - The Geek Show

Bindlestiff Studio nerdly presents ​T​he Geek Show!
April 20-29, 2017

San Francisco, CA - March 20, 2017 - "What is a geek?" It's more than you think. More than a pair of glasses, packed conventions, and bright costumes. Being a geek is about passion... community... loyalty... struggle... journeys... premieres...and finales. It’s the ability to empathize with others when they're suffering. And sometimes, the strength to do something about it. It’s never being ashamed of what you love in this world -- even when this world doesn’t love you back.

Bindlestiff Studio nerdly pre​sents​ The Geek Show, a dynamic theater experience featuring sketch comedy,scripted drama, monologues, movement, and film to celebrate and satirize the phenomenon of "geek culture." It's designed to unite fangirls and fanboys from all geekdoms alike and shed light on some of the community's bigger problems, from outside and within.

This is the inaugura​l edition of ​The Geek Show, produced by Thomas Paras , Marc Abrigo, Michelle Fajardo, and Lauren Lola. All material for this show has been written and performed by the Geek Show troupe -- a diverse collection of seasoned and up-and-coming artists -- ready to geek out with Bindlestiff and the SoMa Pilipinas community of San Francisco.

The pieces include:

Tom Brady Is My Waifu by Marc Abrigo. When parents send their kids to a boot camp to keep them from continuing down a path of nerdiness, a no-nonsense camp instructor goes ballistic. But when the line between what makes a nerd begins to blur, who should be lecturing whom?

The Last Refuge by Ed Mabasa. In a battle of life or death, having been stripped of all their powers, will the Dungeon Master, The Collector, The Cosplayer and The Writer find their way out of this tight situation or lose their minds in the process?

Cause Effect by Thomas Paras. In an interactive sketch, “Cause Effect” is a self-aware parody that follows the illusion of choice as found in certain video games. The audience’s reactions affect how the story will play out. So what will your choice be?

The Cardboard Knight choreographed by Marc Abrigo. A look at bullying as visualized through the use of cardboard armor.

Fractals by Lauren Lola. Eva and Leila have a shared love for Miyazaki films. As they try to create a film program together, they find that their love for film is deeper than meets the eye.

And many more...

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Special thanks to the SF Arts Commission and Grants for the Arts for their continued support.

A dynamic theater experience featuring sketch comedy, scripted drama, monologues, movement, and film to celebrate and satirize the phenomenon of "geek culture."

Featuring the Geek Show Troupe
A diverse ensemble of seasoned and up-and-coming artists, representing various races/ethnicities, genders, geekdoms, and multi-verses.

April 20-29, 2017
Thursdays - Saturdays at 8pm

Bindlestiff Studio, 185 6th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

$10 Students/Seniors $15 General
$25 Support-the-Artists
Tickets available online:

Press Release - The Geek Show (pdf)

Geek Show Flyer

Marc Abrigo, Performer/Producer

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